Salmon in the Tree

Category: Lab 02

Which type of microbes are living in your household dust and what can they tell us about where and how you live?

Tyler Ewert, Marlon Sofiak, Chelsea Westendorf, and Miranda Luison

Biodiversity’s Major Role in the Resiliency of Ecosystems

Bio Diversity

Are you my mother? Why some birds lay their eggs in other birds’ nests.

Inderpreet, Tamara, Kailey and George

The Fight Against Human Disease: Genome-wide Association Studies

Kelsey Thorkelsson, Dustin Baker, Caleb McHallam, Katie Schellenberg

Why are the proteins of polar marine organisms making it hard for them to adapt to warmer temperatures?

Rachel Fortier, Grace Morrison, Tamba Kemoh

A TRU Writer powered SPLOT: Salmon in the Tree

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