Salmon in the Tree

Category: Lab 10

Do telomeres have anything to do with aging and getting sick?

Lukas, Maria, Kirsten & Layton

How is an Octopus Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Sarah, Maneet, Chelsea, Brennan, Adrienne

Does Telomere Length Have Anything to do with Aging and Getting Sick?

Lucas, Rana, Maria, Kirsten & Layton

How and Why do Emperor Penguins Make Such a Sacrifice to Reproduce?

Erika Berg, Claye Harsany, Wyatt Henry, Lindsay Klett, Austin Pietramala

Can the microbes in prehistoric man give us clues to our distant past that may help us now?

Reid Rebinsky, Mat Norman, Taylor Sydorko, Christopher Ritchie, Madison Oliver

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