Salmon in the Tree

Category: Lab 08

How does biodiversity affect the resilience of an ecosystem

Tyson Strandt, Natalie Verdiel, Marisa Mendonca, Nic Bernard, Pandy Duplessis

Why do some birds lay their eggs in other bird’s nests?

Sarah, Javad, Larissa, Upinder

What are GWAS (genome-wide association studies), and how can they help fight common human diseases?

Mateo Dewey, Natasha Morphy, Mark Wright, Becky Philip, Emily Ernst

How has evolution shaped differences in cranium size between humans and Neanderthals?

Danilo Diaz, Francis Alec, Majlis Daruda, Nicholas Hilton, Taylor McCourt

A TRU Writer powered SPLOT: Salmon in the Tree

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